Two interesting pieces of furniture that caught my eye were the “Life is Suite” couch upholstering service and the Fat Lamp.



“Life is Suite” is an upholstery system by Raw Nerves that takes a client’s memories or ideas to create custom graphics for the re-upholstery of any old sofa. Pretty interesting idea don’t you think? I can’t help but try to imagine what kind of graphics my re-upholstered couch would have. I certainly do love the look of this one though- the play with type, pattern, images, and line sketching against a white canvas is just absolutely fascinating. (+ MoCo Loco)

The Fat lamp slowly melts when turned on, becomes more tactile and giving more light. The process of melting takes two hours, then after turning it off, it becomes solid again. Awesome. What a fascinating concept…
I’m a little flabbergasted by its mechanics, but apparently, the lamp is filled with soya oil and the light bulb makes it melt, because soya isn’’t conductive. (+ No Garlic Please)