(picture courtsey of Nada)

Or perhaps he just made so much money off his coffee that his son Abed underwent several cosmetic procedures and an identity renovation. I must say though that I really do love the way the new, more Amr Idiab than Sha3ban Abdel-Raheem Abed is pasted over his original(or previous) persona.

I don’t remember when I stopped seeing cheeky Egyptians standing in the service lane of of Garden’s Street(among others) with their thumbs up trying to sell speeding cars “il qahwah il 3arabeyah al-asilah”, but it happened. Is this sign signalling another new trend in the Qahwet Abu il Abed industry?

Below are original signs of Abu il Abed that are still shining their pearly whites at Amman’s streets. Pictures courtsey of Mohamed, who has a very interesting Flickr album about visual discourse in signage in Amman.

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