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When I heard that some real Andy Warhol silkscreen prints are in town, I totally went nuts. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Andy Warhol, and not just with his art, but also with his philosophies, as eccentric as they may seem.

So this evening, my friends and I went to get a piece of Warhol, and not any Warhol, but the Marilyn serigraph Warhol! I love the Marilyn serigraph Warhol so much that I used it as a concept in last semester’s final interior design project.

Oh, Andy, Andy- he fascinates me to no end! The bright shocking colors… the large scale standardization… the beauty behind predictability… I can go on and on forever about how much I love his ideas about time, boredom, and repetition. What a lot of people fail to understand about his serigraphs is that repetition lends the subjects an anonymous and somehow threatening character- they become less real, as if they had been placed away from reality… *sigh of adoration*

(I’m trying to end the yapping with the previous paragraph, but I can’t get myself to, so bear with me! The next paragraph is me yapping about what these Warhol serigraphs mean to me, so if you’re not interested, skip paragraph below)

In his famous serigraphs of celebrities, I feel like Warhol mocks the human values in a mechanized world. All of the serigraphs were based on photos, usually made for public-relations, and the endless sameness of the technique heighten the cool, impersonal, idol-like character of the celebrities- Elvis, Marilyn, Jackie O, Che Guevera- not flesh-and-blood human beings but the products of a commercialized society. In a culture glutted with information, where most people experience most things at second or third hand through TV and print, through images that become hackneyed and disassociated by being repeated again and again and again, there is role for cold art. You no longer need to be passionate, you can be supercool! Over the course of his career, Andy Warhol transformed contemporary art; he defied ideas about the nature of art and erased traditional distinctions between fine art and popular culture. *another sigh of adoration*

No seriously, I have like, this major crush on the man! Dude, I’m in love.

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Anyway, besides the love, it was an absolute treat to be surrounded by these prints, set up in a line in perfect Warhol style. It’s weird, but I felt as if I was in a corner in my own head.

Alright, enough about Andy and let’s talk about some local girl power, because also present in the exhibition were some really interesting creations also dealing with the banality of the commercialized modern world by young Jordanian artist Haya Y. Awad. I found her work really interesting, especially for a young Jordanian woman. What do you think about her work?

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The exhibition is taking place at the 4 Walls Gallery at the Sheraton Amman, and it will be on till the 3rd of November. Unmissable…