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Sweet tooth, family hyperactiveness, and a recipe a la Assi

My friends always tell me that I have the most hyperactive family they have ever seen. Where, they ask, does your family get all this excessive amounts of energy from?

Then, they look at the unbelievable amounts of Pepsi we drink, the spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of sugar added to our teas and coffees, the shitloads of candy and cake laying on the coffee table, and they say, “Oh.”

“Yes,”we say, “if you eat more sugar, you’ll become as tall as we are!”

And so, we feed them sugar. And more sugar. And more sugar! Sugar, and sugar, and sugar!

Sugar with 3adas! Sugar with atayef! A lot of sugar with homemade knafeh(shu, Nables bi balash? Yes, Iyas, I know, I know)! Slices of peach smothered in Nutella(that’s the only way you can get me to eat fresh fruits)! An endless supply of Askimo from Jabri!

The other day, my brother was complaining that his cup of Turkish coffee didn’t taste right, there was something wrong with the sugar levels. My mother, who drinks the teeny-tiny cup of Turkish coffee with 2 very full spoonfuls of sugar, takes the cup from him and sips- “This is almost 2 spoonfuls, but not quite… You need the tip of a teaspoon of sugar and it’ll be perfect.”

The words of wisdom for the perfect cup of coffee. I7tiraf bil sugar. Is there such a thing as a sugar industry?

Anyhow, feeling quite loved up towards the plethora of fresh atayef dough in the market due to Ramadan, I feel like sharing a sugar recipe to one of the very, very few things I can “cook”- Atayef a la Assi:

Atayef dough
Spoonful of table sugar

Follow images for directions:
bay 444

bay 445
Pinch bottom of atayfeh to form a pouch

bay 449

bay 450
Pour a spoonful of table sugar

bay 447
Pinch the rest of the edges together and serve fresh.

Alternative stuffings: Eshta and table sugar together(my favorite, an improved version of atayef 3asafeeri), nutella, or honey.



An irony of the internet age…


Ramadan, Amman 2005

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  1. Ammoun

    looool ana nabelsiye kaman, esh malna 3al sukkar.. we cant live without it…..

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