I’m still in shock at the fact that a lot of the local restaurants are closed for all of Ramadan, especially as I’m not referring to bars and cafes, I’m referring to topflight Arabian-nights-all-the-way restaurants such as Fakher El-Deen.

I’d imagine that such restaurants have the potential to set up a wonderful iftar, but then again, I am, after all, “a spoiled Gulf kid” who’s used to “3azayem” taking place at hotels rather than at homes. It’s unbelievable how different Ramadan traditions are in Jordan compared to the Ramadan traditions in the Jordanian society in Saudi Arabia.

Anyhow, this “shock” resulted in an attempt to find out what sort of special activities Amman has in store for it’s sleepy populace this Ramadan.

Naturally, being an avid fan of the Fakher Il-Deen(ATICO) chain of “outlets”, I will start with those(they should start paying me for this!).

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I totally love Wild Jordan, I love saj, I love Sign of Thyme, and I love Amman from Wild Jordan. Bargain! Will surely try that out soon.

The other Fakher Il Deen outlet that has a special layout for Ramadan is Trattoria, which is turning into a Ramadan restaurant called “Hay Il Remal” for the month:

Arabic food, Ramadanish entertainment, 10% of the proceeds going for charity, not bad at all! Trattoria also has REALLY good chefs.

I really like the authentic Arabian feel to the idea, although I’m absolutely furious at their management for removing the beautiful renaissance-like fresco that they had on their ceiling as “remodeling” for Ramadan. It was beautiful, and now it’s all a deep shade of purple! Below is a bad picture of the ceiling before they ruined it:

As for the rest of the ATICO outlets, including Vinaigrette, Sushi Bar, Ren Chai, Bistro One, Nai and Amigos, click on the image below:

As for other places that aren’t as well online, Blue Fig also has a Ramadan theme set out for the month. I haven’t been there yet, but the setting sounds cool.
Crumz, La Bruschetta, Casereccio and Wox are promising “nights full of surprises throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.”
Planet Holywood is also open for ftoor and s7oor, and promises “family fun”.

Anyway, that’s all I could get my hands on for now, if anyone knows any entertaining Ramadan festivites taking place around Amman please let me know.