Three design classes this semester and we’re majorly back to trying to squeeze out creative juices bil 3asayeh. Which is actually, believe it or not, lots of fun, because I cannot even explain the ecstasy I experience when I create something that I find beautiful out of complete blankness- a white page!

But before I equip the juices to school work, I’m enjoying playing interior designer in a spankingly blank house. At the moment, I’m trying to decide on what sort of pattern to paint on this shutters’ box(white box behind the curtains right above the window sill). On a side note, is Jordan the only country in the world that has such shutters?

I’m thinking to use some kind of pop art pattern, preferably linear, because I’m an absolute freak for stripes, and the wall pattern I chose for the walls themselves is stripes(below, thumbs grow, whee) so the pattern on the box is gonna have to match.

bay 4090 bay 162

So which pattern say you?
pat1 pat3JPG
Burst / Buds

pat6 pat2
Speed / Pop

Soos, mi amore bella.