These ads just totally made me grin. And who doesn’t believe in creative muses?

holy friggin bubblewrap nirvana
First off is this brilliant PlayStation bus ad that gives the bored people waiting for the bus something to do. Each of 4 large panels of bubble wrap have a PS controller icon on each bubble.
I mean, DAMN, talk about a really interactive ad!

More bubble wrap, this time for Aquafina sparkling. Is it a trend emerging? I must say though that I really love it- unconventional use for something very convential.

Second off is this bag made for YKM Sport activewear(Turkey) by TBWA Istanbul. I love it. Very creative.

Another ad with a similar concept but a more sadistic theme, done by Antje Gerwien, from the University of Weimar.

This is another interactive ad this time by Leo Burnett China for Y+ Yoga Center. Very simple, yet very clever.

Cool, right? Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan for Nike Zoom.