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A couple of days ago, we went to check out the Food Tasting Fair taking place at Zara Expo in Jabal Amman. It wasn’t really food tasting though, it was more like a product promotion party where different local and international food stuff companies had samples of products ranging from smoked turkey and coffee to jameed and olive oil.

The entrance fee was only 1 JD for adults and free for children so the place was crowded to death with people from all walks of life, including Ooh-la-la ladies and old women pushing their way to the front bil ‘7awa.

My favorite “tasting booth” was that of Bin Izhiman(picture above). I’m not sure about the background of Bin Izhiman, but in the booth, there were several very old Bedouin men who were actually grinding Arabic coffee beans and pouring shots of Jordanian coffee in the Arabic coffee cups for people who passed by. I loved it! Viva la Arabian hospitality and viva la Arabic coffee.

My next favorite booth was for jameed Il Kasihs, because I absolutely love jameed and in our family, it’s a rare commodity(they think it makes the house smell like sheep). It’s actually pretty cool- you’d go get a cupful of cooked rice from the Wadi Fatma booth who then send you over to the Jameed il Kasi7 booth to have it topped with jameed. Teamwork ;)

All in all, it was a fascinating experience, although I do think that the venue wasn’t very appropriate. An outdoor setting in such nice weather would have been so much more practical.

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