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We held the monthly Jordan Planet meet-up for October earlier this evening, and it was wonderful. We discussed several important issues ranging from Jordanian political blogs, the design of Jordan Planet(both functionally and aesthetically), the size and direction of Jordan Planet, and many other important issues.

It wasn’t devoid of fun issues though especially as the surprise of the meet-up and star of the show was Abu Sinno all the way from LA and various other characters presented by our very own Laith Majali.

Some of my impressions of the meet-up/personal conclusions are:

1. Blogging is a form of journalism, and it needs to be used very responsibly with complete awareness over the possible effects.
2. One should monitor topics and comments resulting from a post in order to maintain Jordan Planet’s credibility.
3. Lack of political blogging could be a result of no anonymity in the Jordanian blogosphere.
4. The direction that Jordan Planet is taking, and till what extent it should grow.

There was an agenda set-up earlier for discussion points, and that idea worked wonderfully well. A meet-up date for November will be hopefully be assigned within this week, and we might have a mini-meetup during Ramadan.

The bloggers that attended are the following:
Isam Bayazidi, Abeer Bayazidi, Laith Majali, Ahmad Humeid, Jad Madi, Nader Shnoudi, Mira Shnoudi, Roba Assi(myself), and Lina Ejeilat.

The none-bloggers that attended were:
Karim, George, Hisham, Sarah and Nada.

I really do love Wild Jordan.