Advertisters have managed to gain the wrath of Christians all over the world with a recent string of (unrelated) ads.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power drew a lot of controversy over an ad depicting Jesus and the Apostles gambling at the Last Supper. It’s a tongue-in-cheek situation – people aren’t supposed to take it as seriously as some people seem to be,” Power said. So far, there are no plans to withdraw the posters. [Source: Rueters]

Sony also managed to spread outrage with their “Ten Years of Passion” ads, which ran in newspapers and magazines to celebrate the product’s tenth anniversary.

“If this had concerned Islam there would have been a really strong reaction,” said Antonio Sciortino, editor of Famiglia Cristiana. Sony apologized and immediately suspended the campaign. [Source: CNN]

Meanwhile, French fashion designer Francois Girbaud featured Jesus as a woman with a table of glamorous disciples. A judge ordered the advertising posters to be removed yesterday from billboards across France within three days or risk a daily fine of €100,000 (£70,000). The ruling by the Paris court stunned the Parisian media and fashion establishment, which denounced it as an act of censorship contrary to France’s liberal traditions.

But lawyers for the fashion house said banning the image would amount to censorship. “The work is a photograph based on a painting, not on the Bible,” said lawyer Bernard Cahen. [Source: BBC]