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Pet Peeve

I just hate it when people fail to Google something because “they’re too busy” or because it’s just simpler if they ask.

I’ve been giving out this website a lot lately.

Google it, you morons!


By Farooha

Favorite Color: Deep red, no questions asked
Favorite Food: Smoked Salmon! Yum…
Favorite Month: July
Favorite Song: At the moment, “Wonderwall”, which is just an absolutely awesome driving song, cheers to good music!
Favorite Movie: Hm, either The Lord of the Rings trilogy or Moulin Rouge
Favorite Sport: Typing
Favorite Season: Summer, definitely.. *sigh*
Favorite Day Of the week: Thursday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ganduia with Cherry Vanilla at Frosti
Favorite time of Day: Midnight

Interested in more? Read the rest of the tag here.

L’Amour Nokia

Nokia_7380_2 Nokia_7370_2Nokia_7360_2

(So does “Je amour Nokia” spell “I love Nokia”? So much for 10 years of French at school.)

Anyway, the latest Nokia fashion phone collection, L’Amour, is just so hot that I think I have a crush on it. Oh, sweet plastic!

+ the delicious Shiny Shiny


Every time I go downtown, I find myself entranced by the overdramatic use of color in almost every single aspect of display. It really becomes difficult to fully take in all what the eyes perceive, unless captured by images which could be carefully studied later.

I’m aware that not everyone shares my fascination when it comes to the use of color, but these pictures are absolutely fascinating by their own right; the organization of objects and the mind-numbing variety.

Downtown Amman, Jordan

Downtown Amman, Jordan

Downtown Amman, Jordan

Downtown Amman, Jordan

Operation Smile

A friend just called and informed me about a fundraising mini-concert happening today(Tuesday) to raise money for the Operation Smile campaign. Operation Smile is a nonprofit organization committed to repairing childhood facial deformities, and they will be operating on children with such deformities in Jordan this December.

The mini-concert will take place tomorrow evening at Shisha in Sweifieh, near Hardees, at 8:00 PM. Tickets cost 6 JDs each and each includes a Ramadan drink, mezzas such as hummos and fool, and a live concert by the fantastic Jadal. Considerable portion of proceeds will go to spreading the smiles of children nationwide.

The Influence- Autumn Rhythm

“It’s all a big game of construction, some with a brush, some with a shovel, some choose a pen.”
-Jackson Pollock(1912-1956)

It was Pollock who first “broke the ice”- instead of using the traditional easel, his canvas was on the floor; instead of using brushes, he poured and dripped his paint from a can. He manipulated his art with `sticks, trowels or knives’, sometimes adding `sand, broken glass or other foreign matter’.

What I love about Pollock is how shocking his paintings are. They are also more real and expressive than a naive eye might imagine- this method of painting, called Action painting, results in a direct expression or revelation of the unconscious moods of the artist, and although it seems random, Pollock extensively edited the canvases by trimming or destroying the whole work.

+ Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas– an applet to help you paint modern art in the style of Pollock.
+ Short and Sweet Jackson Pollock biography

: The Influence
:The AlHambra Vases


“Scientists from the Evangelical Center For Faith-Based Reasoning are now asserting that the long-held “theory of gravity” is flawed, and they have responded to it with a new theory of Intelligent Falling, “Things fall not because they are acted upon by some gravitational force, but because a higher intelligence, ‘God’ if you will, is pushing them down.”

He3. That’s hilarious. I’m totally amused.

+ Earth to Omar


Last night, I met the one and only Farooha. Night as in night, because in this country, pre-9:30 PM is for sissies(I’m actually blogging from a “S7oor” dinner at some family friends’ house and it’s 2:50 AM and they still didn’t have dessert. I totally miss the national vampirish routine), but saying I “met” Farooha isn’t actually right. Believe it or not, but Farooha and I actually graduated from the same class at the same secondary school in Riyadh, except that Manarat is so horribly subdivided that I don’t remember her at all and she remembers me as “The tall girl”.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time sipping Frappacinos at my favorite Starbucks in town, and Farooha is absolutely adorable. She’s even more interesting offline than she is online! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as hyperactive as she is, or as interesting.

We actually had a little communication problem as I don’t understand the Saudi accent and she has a hard time with the Jordanian one, so we settled for English.

Truth be said, I’ve never really intermingled much with Saudis during the 18 years here except for my friend Sara, who apparently shouldn’t be my Saudi stereotype, because most of the stuff Farooha and I discussed totally shocked me, like less-immediate Saudi family units. For example, in some families, it is actually considered taboo for a male cousin to hear his female cousin’s voice, while my cousins sleep on our couch for months at a time.

I also found out about the Saudi class system, and it’s very different from the one in Jordan although that is to be expected with a quite huge number of people carrying the title of “Princess”. At my highschool, which was unbelievably diverse, the class system actually depended on nationality, and in Jordan, the class system(from the eyes of an outsider), is school-based(ex. the Bakaloria/New English/etc group, Kuleyeh/IlRaed/etc group, and so on) which really sucks for someone who didn’t go to highschool in Amman.

I still manage to get amused at my Ammanite friends’ preconceptions of people who grew up in “the desert that is Saudi Arabia”, and even more so when it comes to the talteesh of educated and open minded people(bte3ref 3an meen ba7ki si Fabio).

It’s really quite unbelievable how different the life we’ve lived amongst Riyadh’s various housing compounds is from real Riyadh, and it’s just as unbelieavable how different the Jordanian community in Riyadh is from the Jordanian population living in Jordan. Although I’ve always known it, the extent of how fake my life has been is finally hitting me… Tailor-made life.

Anyway, more about about that later, there are too many thoughts in my head but they’re not making much sense anymore as it’s 3:46 AM and we’re still having s7oor at some family friends’ garden in the beautiful weather of the tailor-made sections of Riyadh, but I’m getting really sleepy. Ah, I’m turning into a jajeh.

I can’t wait to get to Amman this Saturday though, I really miss my friends, my car and Whitey.

Nighty, nighty.

“If heaven is filled with people like them, I don’t want to go”

I’ve been keeping and eye on Post Secret ever since I found it in February. It’s really quite inspiring- not only in terms of interesting secrets, but also in terms of creativity, both aesthetic and intellectual.

Here’s a bunch from the last 2 weeks that fascinated me:


Formica(Jordanian pronounciation: fer-may-kA) is a plastic.

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