Because someone is on a mission to make sure that Amman’s streets and circles have a different name every several decades, and so, the name you know of the street depends on your background.

No seriously. I really hate this. It’s just Really annoying me how Amman’s circle’s names have changed.

They were always the First Circle, the Second Circle, the Third Circle, and so on and so forth. Now, they have been officially renamed after people, and to my utter confusion, their new official names are being used in documents and directions on TV, leaflets, and radio.

Why, why, why?

Let me also add to that that they also change the names of streets such as Al-Gardens Street and University Street. Save the new names for new streets for heaven’s sake!

I understand that these circles and streets may have not been initially named by the government, but isn’t that how things come along? Like how the name “Amman” for example came from the God Ammon? They can’t just change the name of the city of “Amman” because they feel like calling it after a person.

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