bay 235

One of the things I found during the massive packing operation was this little box with hundreds and hundreds of vocabulary flash cards from the SAT days stacked neatly side by side between its four tattered walls.

I’m not much of a neat person, but I more than make up for that with an incurable nerdiness and a straight out need for perfection. I cannot even remotely account for how many hours I spent cutting these flashcards, writing the word with a Sharpie on one side, then turning the card around and carefully writing the definitions with a biro on the other side.

And that’s only the making… because after the making came the learning, and there came a time when I would not go anywhere without a pack of fresh vocabulary flashcards sleeping restlessly in my handbag for easy access.

Aside from the hours, this box also reminds me of a friendship, because believe it or not, one of my very favorite memories has to do with this box. My friend Nisreen, who shared the same level of nerdiness, also spent hours making flashcards, and whenever we shared a class at high school, we would swap flashcards and start learning the fruits of the efforts of the other under our desks. I chuckle to myself when I see us sitting in the pink hallways of Manarat sharing tips such as “You know, because nice people always throw pics at others! Philan-thro-pic!”

Needless to say, my excessive efforts that went into learning 5,000+ vocabulary words in those years resulted in a very good score in the SAT’s verbal section and an ability to open any page in a dictionary knowing fully well that I will probably be familiar with most of the words aside from the jargon.

Long and rather pointless narration, I know, and perhaps this box looks very insignificant, but finding it sent this gush of nostalgia that made me take this picture and feel an urge to toss this memory away into cyberspace just like I tossed the actual box of flashcards into the trash can.

I’m too busy cutting up advertisements I like these days and storing them in a red folder.