bay 262

Unlike 96% of the students of Jordan University, I actually enjoy school. Yeah, sure, it’s exceptionally chaotic and there are always those times when you could just choke the disorganized nonchalance down the cadres’ throats, but for the most part, I think it’s a wonderful experience. Above is a charming “e3melo-7alkom-3anjad-3amte7ko!” photograph taken at the wonderful Fine Arts and Design Faculty this morning. Oh, God, yes, how can I not add that all pictures actually grow when clicked.

bay 259
The infamous Milk Bar. You know, when I look at pictures of my mother’s time at Jordan University, there actually was a time when the Milk Bar actually had some sort of display with glass milk bottles. I wonder when that stopped.

bay 270
Square il Oloom, or the Sciences Square in English.

bay 264
Walking down Share3 il Nawar(or The Vulgar’s Street)

bay 285
I hate the daily traffic jam on the way out of University Street.

Last but not least, Soos posing for a picture and Soos looking at herself on the blog(shagfeh :P ):

bay 282 bay 283

Soos was sweet enough to wait with me all day today at school and even went to a few classes with me. I also had the chance to meet Amino today, which was great!(hey girl ;))

Well, anyhow, yesterday was the start of the new school year at Jordan University. It is going to be one long semester- I’m taking too many classes, and most of them are studios which means that I’m stuck at school from 9 till 6 twice a week and 8 till 2 thrice a week.

Some of the classes are going to be really interesting, although their workload is going to be a killer- mainly “Communication Technologies”, “Industrial Design”, and “AutoCAD”. I’m also taking “Art Criticism”(I know, zay ka2eni mish imphalsapheh kefayeh). The other two classes are going to be absolutely horrible and I’m completely dreading them- one is with the most dreadfully boring educator I have EVER come across in my life, I took a class with her last term and it was hell. The other class is something I should have taken years ago but which I’ve been putting off- Arabic 101. Allah yostor.

And oh, yeah, I totally take my word back on dial-up being not too bad. It’s aweful. Especially with my dear teta insisting on calling us every 5 minutes.

I want my internet back!