It’s been a year.

I’m not marveling over the year, I’m not feeling like it’s been forever, and I’m not celebrating- I’m just finding an excuse to experiment with the limits of the human brain, functionality, creativity, and this blog.

September 2004.
I start blogging out of boredom. My summer is winding down, and my vampirish routine results in very long empty nights. I think, let’s make use of this time and my chronic web surfing, let’s create a place to save what inspires me and jot down notes for later use in the never-ending design process.
I create this blog- simply for saving creativity. I aim to stay anonymous and to honor this space as my hush-hush workspace.

Thanks to the technology of IP tracing and referral statistics, I was anonymous for about 3 days. So much for that plan, eh?
The space mostly remained for my original purpose though, and the early archives stand as proof. Yeah sure, I tossed in favorite movies and book reviews, but the posts were not intricately designed by my feelings and thoughts, they were simply ‘re-blogged’.

December 2004.
Some friends and family find out about “And Far Away…”, I inform others, and we have the first Jordanian Blogger Meet-up. My hush-hush workspace is no more, it is now a real blog representing a name, a face, and a person- it has “Roba” transcribed like an invisible water mark on a canvas.
That places many limits and also expands many possibilities.

It’s all recorded, it’s all archived, it’s all documented. It can be played, over and over again. It’s me, it’s mine, but the truth is, once I press “Publish”, those little pieces of myself that formed intelligible sentences are now on the journey of forever- forever attributed to me, forever belong to the World Wide Web.

It’s as if choosing the career that you should be comfortable enough with for the rest of your life is as random as picking up a batee’7a!( On a more depressed side note, I guess that’s our national preferred choosing system because that’s how most people choose their life partner too.)

August 2005.
It’s becoming real in the sense that emotions are solidifying towards the rest of the ballplayers on my field- I really, really like some, others annoy the living hell out of me, and I feel very neutral towards the rest.

Fairy tales of yesterday, will grow but never die, I can fly, I can fly.

March 2005.
Did you know that 1 Jordanian Dinar buys you sixty pieces of falafel?!
I’m gonna build myself a falafel palace…

I’ve always loved expressing myself, and although one can argue that I do enough of that as a part of art school, I’ve always loved writing, and I found blogging to be the perfect compliment to both artistic and verbal manifestations. And so, I continue to blog, and I enjoy it. I enjoy experimenting with words in such a way that I could never do in the reality far away from bytes, tangled with complexes pertaining to functionality and readability.

How long I’m going to do it for, how long will it continue to serve as a void deficient of functional limits and realistic boundaries, I do not know.

At the moment though, this is my canvas- devoid of reality, devoid of rules, and devoid of people who insist on making the walls purple.

And I do it because I love it.