So we finally moved.

We’ve moved around a lot in the past 5 years and one of the moves was from a different country, but this has been the most tedious move I have ever experienced.

I am really disappointed at the level of customer service in Amman’s primary sector(or okay, it’s not really primary, but you know, the construction scene- kitchens, wall units, painting, woods, refurbishing, etc). All these people, regardless of whether they’re working for a top notch company or not, are liars, cheats, and procrastinators. It has been a horrible experiene dealing with them. So much for “iwlad il balad”!

I miss the awesome service at Riyadh. And I miss Ikea!

But anyhow, on a more cheerful note, I was getting really, really sick of living in a house in boxes. It’s still in boxes but at least now it’s unpacking and not packing(haha, as if! I did end up scotch-taping the drawers with all that’s in them to the desk itself)…

I also really hated the house we just moved out of, so I’m really happy to be out.

Whitey is loving the experience, she’s very excited, especially as she is finally allowed to go play in a garden now.

On a side note, I won’t have internet access for a while, because like I said, horrible customer service. We have to return to the modem to Jordan Telecom, wait for them to issue us a new modem, and then call up our internet service provider, and have them hook us up. According to them , it will take around 2 weeks, but yeah, right.

I’m blogging from my grandmother’s house right now, and I will continue to make use of her ADSL connection, but posting won’t be as frequent.