George Orwell’s “1984” is a brilliant, brilliant work of political fiction, and it needs just the brilliant person(people) to create a brilliant concept. One brilliant concept that was delivered to the world was Apple Macintosh’s 1984 advertisement, and another brilliant concept that I recently became aquainted with is “Students for Orwellian Society” or SOS for short.

The SOS are going through current events with an America-centric look that fit into the 3 basic ideals expressed in the book “1984” – War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery and Ignorance Is Strength. (If you are not familiar with “1984”, go here for a summary.) Here are some of my favorites:

War Is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

  • The Anti-Terrorism Act ensures US citizens’ freedom by ensuring the FBI‘s ability to examine their activities.
  • Wearing a t-shirt which says “Protect Our Civil Liberties” is, of course, obscene, and will get you kicked out of campaign rallies.
  • Security cameras have been placed around the Columbia campus and around the island of Manhattan.
  • If you are buying postage, do not ask for stamps without flags on them. Such would clearly be a sign of lack-of-patriotism, and we at SOS are glad to see that the Post Office is cracking down on it.

Ignorance Is Strength