This comment just made my day!

I was a little cynical when I saw a Saudi art blog, so I asked the man behind it whether he recieved his education elsewhere. His reply just totally made me grin:

“Hi Roba,
You are right. I came from a small village in the south. There I could say life was much easier and more relaxed. 15 years ago our markets and roadside shops were full of fine art pieces and paintings of famous artists from all over the world. By today’s standards, some of those works are considered obscene and unclean.
This was the case before the advent of the so-called religious awakening or the Sahwah as it has wrongly been called, which has banned all forms of arts including painting, music, poetry, cinema and theatre.

Many people, however, have tried their best to ignore the clerical dictates and created their own small worlds, keeping abreast with the new creative ideas and concepts in all human fields and disciplines, including art.

Anyway, thanks for your smart remark, which seems to have encouraged me to write some thing on the subject, preferably in Arabic. Perhaps I can talk very soon about fanaticism and the crime it has committed against an entire generation of our youth who, having been denied access to arts and other human activities, have resorted to violence and become murderers in the name of religion.”

Viva la people like Prometheus!