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Today was the 6th Jordanian blogger meet-up, and the people who showed up are:

It was an absolute pleasure meeting the new faces, especially the ones I got to extensively chat with as they didn’t leave early- Hana, Ziad, and Andrew. We sat for quite some time after everyone left and chatted for a while.

Some after-meet-up suggestions after digesting the comments that came from the attendees include the following:

1) A more organized approach to the meet-ups, so I will email the bloggers asking for contact information soon.

2) A rough meeting agenda, so that we can at least identify the points that need to be addressed.

3) Less tech talk. Even a few of the Jordan Planet tech-geeks told me that they got bored from the tech talk- referred to as “isti7wath il computer geeks” by some.

4) I got some complaints that some people didn’t know who’s who, so perhaps the use of tags when we have a particularly large meeting.

5) No smoking during meet-ups.

1) We’re going to organize a mini-gathering soon before Hana and Ziad leave, so if anyone is interested in coming please add a comment.

2) The next official Jordan Planet meet-up is set to be on 2nd of October, just before Ramadan. There’s a self-confessed “Surprise” making an appearance during that meet-up, so make sure you come ;)