They screened 13 Jordanian short films on Sunday’s RFC evening- comdies, horror shorts, and dramas.

What I loved most about these shorts is that most of them portray an aspect of Jordanian life in their settings, themes, and people, which is something I have never seen on screen except in Matalqa shorts. I also was deeply impressed by the fact that some of the shorts were pivoting around significant social criticism that I have never seen portrayed in such a medium before.

Here are the shorts that most caught my eye and appreciation, in no particular order:

bay 140

bay 137 bay 138
“Shortwave” by Fadi Haddad
A wonderfully hilarious short about a young college student looking for love. It was just really funny because not only does it hit just the right chords, it also reflects the reality of Jordanian “shabab”(shabab mostly being males under 30, I actually feel like taking this oppurtunity to sound off my disgust at the shallowness of Jordanian “shabab”, but that deserves a whole post).
I loved how there was no dialogue, and I loved the little touches such as a Bic pen.
I also loved how it was filmed in our department! It’s cool to see that place I’ve spent countless hours sitting in star in a love story.
Great job Fadi :)

bay 089
“Trapped” by Khalid Hidar Mahmoud
I thought the directing was interesting in this horror short- it actually made me jump a few times. The acting was pretty good too, one of the actors is my colleague Shereen(drama student), and another was Randa Karadsheh. They both did a good job I thought, especially Randa.

bay 094

bay 098 bay 096
“Shit Happens” by Ahmad Takrori
From the leaflet, “A brothel, three wise guys, and one girl in the next room…”
I felt like this short basically deals with the fact that a lot of corruption is happening in Jordan under the covers, and in the most unexpected places. It was pretty interesting to see this matter tackled so boldly.
I also loved the directing, which I thought was pretty creative.

bay 105

bay 107
“Asia and Society” by Nadia Naffa
Another interesting short more along the lines of a reality-tv documentary that follows a physically disabled woman called Asia and shows us how the challeneged struggle a lot with difficulties in this “unjust” society. It was a thought-provoking short, and a little depressing.

bay 125
“Experiment Hug” by Sima Haddadin
From the leaflet- “The failing attempts of a teenage girl who reads somewhere that she needs seven hugs a day to sustain her emotional well-being”. Highlights Jordanian nakad.

bay 131
“The Colors of Haram” by Mohammad Hushki
Absolutely fantastic short tackling all the red tape we place ourselves in Arab and Muslim societies- very thought provoking and ironic. One of my favorites in the batch.