We spent a very pleasant yesterday evening at the Royal Film Commission’s terrace in Jabal Amman watching Jordanian Short Films(more about the movies coming soon).

If you know me, you’ll know that I adore Jabal Amman to death, and I just love it when I see that old houses are being renovated and used to cater for cultural purposes.

Now, as for the image above, I love it although it’s not exactly a work of art. It’s just so Ammanish-

A few days back, I was asking a friend for directions, and in the typical Ammanite way, he said, “End of Rainbow Street, you’ll see the sign 3ala 3amood il kahraba”(the lamp post).

As I was driving yesterday looking for this particular lamp post, I marveled over this city’s direction system- every single 3amood kahraba on Rainbow Street had a sign pointing somewhere- “Wild Jordan”, “Jordan River Foundation”, “Lavazza”.

When I finally got to this particular lamp post, I realized that the Royal Film Commission is actually tucked away in a little Damascene-style alley that wouldn’t fit a car, which made me feel like I was in downtown Damascus(I didn’t even know we had such alleys in Jabal Amman!) Yet, as soon as I parked and walked through alley and into the RFC’s terrace, the world turned back into Amman and I got my beloved breath-taking view of the mountain across. Really, the outdoors movie setting on their bedazzling terrace after a tiny alley is absolutely perfect!

Ahh Amman, how I love you…