Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Leila Hamarneh, the projects director of the Arab Women Organization.

In the course of the conversation, a controversial report on wife beating published by the Jordan’s National Family Council was mentioned as Emad Hajjaj has recently used the statistics in a cartoon of his.

I say controversial report because the numbers that were published shocked me and many others. In fact, several of us Jordanian female bloggers sounded off our anger about the published numbers saying that there’s no way in hell that we would condone wife-beating and neither would any Jordanian woman we know.

Mrs. Hamarneh today furtherly supported our opinions and told me that the Arab Women Organization was also shocked to hear the numbers. She said that from the her 2o years of personal and professional experience in women’s rights in Jordan in unprivileged areas, she is positive that the numbers are in no way near correct. They had also traced the report back to a survey not done properly.

Numbers do lie, especially when they are not researched correctly and published without proper citations and background… Just like the recent Al-Qaeda numbers that claim that 66% of Jordanian’s support Al-Qaeda. Yeah, right.

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