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Last night, we went to a wonderful concert by the Celebration Contemporary Worship Church Orchestra at the Hussein Cultural Center. The music they played was mostly American folk music altered to become hymns of praise. I know, duh, but I found it really remarkable that I knew all of the songs they played- big cheers to globalization and Tom & Jerry!

The musicians thanked Jordan for being such a good host and were wearing the national headdress(men) and garment(women) as a token of appreciation.

The best part though was that at the end of the concert, the musicians passed out kazoos to the audience, and the hall became really energized as we tried to figure out how to play a kazoo. In the pictures below, me and Nada are trying to play our kazoos(which say Jesus Loves Me), and one of the musicians is giving us directions.

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Unfortunately, as you can see from the photograph above, the number of attendants was shamefully little. The whole time I was thinking oh, my god, shu 3eib, shu 3eib!

This is a FREE one-hour concert happening in the very middle of Amman, so where is everyone? I know that the biggest blame can be placed on the municipality because they don’t advertise these activities properly, but I really can’t help but feel unbelievably disappointed.

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Anyhow, after listening to songs along the lines of “Joy, oh, Joy”, we went to see Akram Baker play music a lot more in line to what I listen to- think AC/DC, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd, and even a few songs he wrote.

Apparently, Akram’s band is coming from Germany to play in Ramallah around October, and they will drop by Amman too. Wow, something to look forward to!

(While we’re on the issue of October and music, Sign of Thyme will play everyday during Ramadan at Wild Jordan)

I know, the pictures below are hilarious, but well, it was fun. I was actually trying to capture an image of the hyperactive guitar strings, but then found the guitar over my head, with my camera in someone else’s hand taking a picture of me. Maybe I should consider becoming a rockstar…