On a cold and rainy November day, tucked in an over-heated room aligned with wooden canvases, a collection of energetic art students pondered the ironies of life. They discussed almost everything- politics, card-board argeelehs, religion, violins, the stupididty of men, lack of art appreciation, Mazen, and chewing on aluminum foil.

Chewing on aluminum foil?

S: “It just really hurts!”
K: “Tell me about it, it’s one of the most painful feelings I have ever experienced.”
Y: “It’s like your teeth just caused an electric current in your brain!”
P: “And it actually tastes really bad. I absolutely hate that metallic taste…”

For around 5 minutes, plenty of painful aluminum foil experiences were shared, with a lot of concurring nods and supportive comments.

Then, the wisest of group stopped mid-sentence with a dramatic look eluding her features- “But wait a minute, do you realize that every single one of us has chewed on ALUMINUM FOILl?”

Oh, my.

Then, we discovered a secret of life- 90 out of every 92 people have, at some point in their life, chewed on aluminum foil.

Fact: That weird metallic taste in your mouth when you chew on aluminum foil is an electric current- the aluminum reacts with the water and fillings in your mouth to form a tiny battery.