Haha, had to quote a part of the latest post from the “keeper of Jordanian wisdom”. Jordan wisdom!

… I must say that you clearly display signs of schizophrenia and bipolar behavior. I personally can sense a change in your behavior over the past few months. Therefore, I can’t completely lay the blame on people for assuming that your other personality started a blog :-) Having said that, I also recognize that many of the things that you quoted me on and posted on your blog couldn’t have been said by you. For instance, you are still in denial that “fyoozatik darbeh”. You also wouldn’t say something as blunt as “Al mara’tu naqisatu aqlin wa deen”

Careful observation of your ideas and my comments immediately suggests that we both cannot be the same individual, not to mention that we could never co-exist as one person because one of us would simply kill the other…lol

Now as to what to do to prevent this sort of confusion. I think you should start by building trust between you and your readers. Then and only then they will believe you when you scream “I am not him!!”

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