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The other day while shopping at the mall, I came upon a product that I am perhaps a little too familiar with- Hot Head Temporary Hair Color, “guaranteed to make your hair look fabulous, dah-ling!”

Yes, fabulous without a doubt, because after one experiment with a tube of hot pink Hot Head, I loved my new pink do so much that I decided to go permanent- a headful of fuschia fluff.

(click on images to appreciate full pinkness)

Naturally, but for reasons more related to parental permission than to sheepishness, the first time was modest. My hairdresser also absolutely refused to pink me up any further than streaks and tips, so I ended up with a simple front, but a rather artistic back as it literally looked like glued-on pink feathers.

combed =P

The second time was a little blunter. My hair was longer then and already highlighted, so I used a home-kit to pinkify the highlights. I wasn’t very happy with it though, and often resorted to a bright pink wig for special occassions(the now abandoned pink bright wig that’s still tucked lovingly in a little box in one of my drawers after many, many years).

Perhaps around 2 years after the 1st time, I decided that I wanted to experiment again, this time with a crazier color. So, I found myself some salon-formula “Enraged” hairdye, took a deep breath, and wrapped my hair in aluminum foil for 15 minutes over the initial required 15 minutes mentioned in the directions(you see, I wanted the job well done).

And well done it was, resulting in what was probably my worst hair experience ever, even worse than the foresaken mullet. I looked like a complete punk, but I won’t scare anyone by posting a front view picture here(but if you are really gutsy and able to withstand nightmarish pictures, you can look at it).

That was my last “crazy teenager” hair experience, although I did go blonde for a while a little later in my teens(and I swear to God that I am brighter as a brunette!)

Now, I only go with brown, which is my natural haircolor.

As I was looking at all of the very experimental pictures that have piled up on my harddisk over the years, I couldn’t help but think wow, my parents are beyond cool dude. I mean, they had a bright pink daughter for a good amount of time and neither of them ever said anything. There is a set of drums and an electric guitar in the livingroom and they’re both cool with it. How patient is that?

And that is only a little sample of what wonderful parents they’ve been to us, I can go on and on about my great upbringing. Understand, in a country as opressed as Saudi Arabia, my parents created my childhood.

I am not in a particularly eloquent mood and I can’t squeeze any sappiness out of me, so I will say it simply, minus the icing-

You guys totally rock, bright red and hot pink are not even cool enough to describe how wonderful you are. I love you. Happy anniversary :)


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  1. ei wazupp???im ayra,,from the republic of the 14 years old..
    u r a really cool punk..i lyk d way you carry urself..and
    i lyk to make frends with you..eventhough ur place is so so so so far from hir… old are you anyway??
    hope you will reply asap…thankz

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