The mighty, mighty United States of America was declared a “threat to world peace” by Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s most esteemed statesmen [source: BBC].

I bow to that.

Although I itch to, I will not speak about the broad-spectrum crisis of conscience in the history of American foreign policy, nor will I delve into the “War in Iraq”. I will only speak about American puppet Ahmad Jalabi, one of the almost sardonic facets of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

The profile of Ahmed Jalabi (Chalabi if you are reading of an American news source), leader of the US-backed & financed Iraqi National Congress, the interim minister for oil, and deputy prime minister in Iraq, is indeed a very controversial one.

When the “War on Iraq” finds a place on the shelves of history, this wealthy exile will be among those judged most responsible for the American decision to invade Iraq and depose of Saddam Hussein. By supplying decisive intelligence on the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and alleged ties to al-Qaeda, Jalabi teamed up with America’s neoconservatives and successfully marketed a war on Iraq as an antidote to terrorism (ha, the irony! Their antidote to terrorism has since turned to become a fuel to it!)

When U.S. forces invaded Iraq in 2003, Jalabi returned under their support and was given a position on the Iraq interim governing council by the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Yet, well beyond the start of the invasion, after 100,000 Iraqi and 1,874 American deaths, and no trace of the weapons, the US proclaimed the war as “heroism in error”. (That makes my blood rage).

It was then, a little too late, that the US finally realized that Ahmad Jalabi conned his neocon pals thinking he could run Iraq if he gave the Bush administration the smoking gun it needed to sell the war. Then it discontinued the regular payments to him for information he provided.

Like I said, a little too late.

What prompted me to research this man was an offhand comment by a loved one about “Zolom America”(the big men of America) unpleasantly citing Ahmed Jalabi as an example. I was surprised by the hostility in the tone, and asked for further explanation only to find out that this same man who was one of the main grounds for so many deceased souls has actually had a jail cell awaiting him in Jordan since 1992!

Ahmed Jalabi, provider of intelligence on weaponry in Iraq, leader of Iraqi National Council, and deputy prime minister of Iraq, is wanted by the Jordanian government for charges of embezzlement, theft, misuse of depositor funds and currency speculation.

The story behind that goes back to 1977, when he founded the Petra Bank, which became the 2nd biggest bank in Jordan. In, 1989, however, the Jordanian banking authorities took over Petra when it failed to come up with required money. Jalabi left the country two weeks later, announcing that he was going “on holiday”. Meanwhile his brothers’ banks in Geneva and Beirut had already gone under. Petra had a deficit of over $215 million, which the accountants indicated had “the potential” to grow to $350 million. In April, 1992, Jalabi was convicted in absentia and sentenced to 22 years jail on 31 charges.

This was a total catastrophe for Jordan, especially as the government had committed itself to paying off the depositors. For two years, all of the much needed foreign aid went into settling the Petra mess.

This, my dear friends, is the person that basically enabled the US attack on Iraq. This is the person they brought back to Iraq “under their wing”. This is the person who is now the deputy prime minister of Iraq. This is “zolom America”- over optimistic judgment of capability, a liking for mismanaging other people’s money, and an inability to always be truthful. What does this say about values and democracy?

But then again, when did failure to comply by universal ethics, not having the ability to balance a checkbook, and lack of sensibility have anything to do with politics.

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