I go all lovey-dovey when it comes to the theory of relativity- not Einstein’s mind you (I’m not even sure I know what that talks about), but rather, the one that proclaims everything in life as relative to the particular moment in time.

If a woman goes parading in a pink-and-white, ultra-cute, polka-dot bathing suit in Al-Ghor, she’ll probably get shot rhetorically speaking(if anyone relates that to women driving in Saudi Arabia I’m going to SCREAM!). Yet, a few minutes away from Al-Ghor at the gorgeously beautiful Moevenpick Resort, she’ll be overdressed if she’s wearing anything but the slinkiest ooh-la-la bikini.

And all in the matter of a few kilometers!

Wow, magic right?


What I’m actually going to say next is completely related to the above, regardless of whether you can relate soap to tea or not, but really, it makes perfect sense in my mind.

Well, I’m having an itsy-bitsy problem with this relativity abracadabra, because I cannot figure these Ammanites out!

I have to get a new whole set of what’s right and what’s wrong in order to fit into Amman’s theory of relativity!

It’s like, what? How in God’s beautiful pink-tinted world is that considered ethically wrong?

Thank God for Abu Samer, who was born and bred in this eccentric melting pot of diverse mentalities, and who has been kindly telling me that “Roba, inti fyoosatik darbeh!”

Seriously dude, ana fusati darbeh?