“How to win?
Find someone dumber than Jordan Uni’s registeration dudes.

You go to register, terminals are broken. System freezes. brand new computerized registration system written in 2005 that completely interacts with the user through keyboard. written in COBOL. No, mouse is evil, standard keyboard keys are evil, let’s think outside the box, have a new interface that will challenge any student to navigate through. F7 for next page, F10 to exit, F5 to print, ops no printer attached. A system that doesn’t handle 1000 logins at a time. When I was probably 17 I knew how to write better software.

Oh hold your horses, we’re not done yet. Rules change every semester. Now you need to pay within 48 HOURS or your registeration will be cancelled. If your family lives abroad and they transfer money to you, we don’t give a damn, we’ll cancell your registeration, dabber 7alak ya taleb ya 7ashara. We’re full of surprises.

Who said capital punishment is harsh?”

+Ammar Ibrahim

Ufff! I’m glad someone wrote about that!

I’m so pissed off at the moment…

I went to register yesterday morning because my Tasjeel was at 8:30 only to find out that they postponed all times to the next day(and according to my sleeping habits, I should be sound asleep at 8:30 for atleast two hours, so I stayed up all night because there’s no way I can wake up otherwise). I tried to register yesterday anyway, but today, I’m up early as well, and I’m going to school in a few minutes to see what kind of ‘7absa I’m in.

And it wouldn’t be too bad if their registration system wasn’t the 2nd most horrifying system I’ve ever used in my life(1st place goes to the University’s library- I consider myself very computer literate comparatively, but I actually have resort to the ancient manual filing cabinets that use cue cards for sorting books instead having to waste valuable brain energy trying to decipher their freaky computerized sorting system!)

Watch my next post be miserable.


Update: I’m back, I guess I registered a course that’s not for the design students, haha, min fala7ti sa7? Can’t do anything yet though, I’m going to have to wait till sa7eb o edafeh in a few weeks. Let’s hope I’ll find courses with student space!
On a brighter note, look at how cute my department is. This is their way to “welcome the students back”. On the canvases, they have each specialization’s suggested 4-year plan, this semester’s offered courses, our past work displayed on the other side of the hall, and pictures of everyone.

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