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And you will see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”

Some say that this is the best commercial ever created, and I totally agree.

This ad, directed by Ridley Scott, was technically aired once and only once during the half-time of the 1984 Super Bowl. It is for Apple Corporation, announcing the imminent arrival of the Macintosh. It cost $1.6 million to produce, and a further $500,000 for the one-minute time slot in which it ran.

The ad invokes one of the most beautifully thought-provoking novels, George Orwell’s “1984”; a Big Brother figure ceaselessly intones the slogans of Newspeak, while the public masses appear automatized by the rigidly controlled totalitarian society. In Orwell’s original scenario, of course, the state is Big Brother, the source of oppression.

In Apple’s version of 1984, Big Brother is arguably IBM. By declaring the mega-corporation as just another monopoly of power, the ad presumes that the only route to liberation is unregulated competition – the free market. In the guise of counter-cultural idealism, the ideology of “1984” has come to mean endorsing the most unrestricted, brutal forms of capitalism competition(and yes, I’m pro).

And perhaps, one of my favorite parts about the ad is that it took guts- Apple spent so much money on airing an ad that a lot of viewers probably didn’t understand. That’s not very “functional” as some people might say, but it proved to be one of the most successful guerilla marketing campaigns ever. I hate in-your-face information, it’s always so much more meaningful to try to analyze and put a bit of yourself into everything.

I’d strongly recommend this ad, the writings of George Orwell, and well, while I’m at it, Pink Floyd.

Watch the ad here(13 MB).
Watch a smaller one here(5 MB).

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