The top 5:

  • Iran
  • China
  • Peninsular Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain)
  • Malaysia
  • Zimbabwe

With 2 jailed bloggers, I understand how Iran is the most dangerous.

I also understand why Bahrain is dangerous as it has a threatened blogger, and as the list-creaters say, “The reason we did include Bahrain it that it has one of the most energetic internet filtering regimes in the world. The blogger Ali Abdulemam and two other administrators of the bulletin board BahrainOnline were arrested and detained for allowing free speech on the company’s boards. Also, at least four prominent blogs in Bahrain have been blocked or shut down by governmental authorities for the content that appeared there.”

The reason Iraq is not included is that it has no stable central government with a firm grip on that country’s internet. The reason they did not include Israel is that, although it questioned, but did not arrest one person and detained another for questioning (later freeing both), two people for electronic activity, it has a largely unfiltered internet. The reason they did not include Cuba or North Korea is that they have no blogosphere to speak of.

I do wonder though why Saudi Arabia and Syria are on the list. I’ve never heard of any Syrian or Saudi blogger being contacted by the government.

Syrian and Saudi bloggers, any information?

+Anonymous Blogging viaGlobal Voices

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