Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of Jordanian blog portal Jordan Planet.

Thanks to the readers, the bloggers, and of course, Isam, the man behind the Planet, it has indeed gone a long way since its launch.

To celebrate the Planet’s first birthday, it was decided to give the readers and the bloggers a fresh, more Jordanian look to the site. So, for the past few weeks, Isam, Iyas and myself have been working behind the scenes with the style-help of Natasha, Mariam, and Ammar to deliver an appropriate redesign.

The concept of the redesign is to provide a real window into Jordan- both visual and literary. The literary part naturally refers to the posts of our 39 dear Jordanian bloggers who give a personal look into the life of a Jordanian. The visual part will be implemented as soon as we are done with celebrating the birthday, and it will involve a more pictorial aspect through the help of the photographs taken by some of our talented bloggers and member’s of Jordan’s Flickr group.

The color scheme, in case anyone is wondering, was inspired by the colors of Rum, one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East if I may say so myself. As you can see, we also added tabs to decrease amount of information in the sidebar. There are more changes up our sleeves that will be implemented soon and that will increase both the usability and the aesthetic value of Jordan Planet, so stay tuned!

So, Happy Birthday Jordan Planet! May there be many happy returns to come!

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