Basem and Sami

After few days of mind-straining, I now realize that it’s very hard to write one post about two unrelated people because of the lack of combined memories. But whether I like it or not, it’s the birthday of these two unrelated people, both of whom I care about so much- my cousin Basem and my friend Sami.

Basem is Kid Number 2 in the family after yours truly, and a good amount of early pictures prove that life was much better before kids 3 to 8 were born (and yes boys, I’m totally kidding).

Well, at any rate, with his top banana spirit and brilliantly hit and miss comments, Basem is a very marvelous addition to any family, especially one as unsmiling as the Dallals. He also struts the most priceless laugh in the world, a side-splitting delight in the hip-hop culture, and a killer dance move which I can’t even describe. Basically, there’s just no way that you can sit around Big B for more than 48 seconds without bursting out with laughter.

He’s also afraid of animals, a great friend, and just absolutely CRAP with directions (he’s lived in Amman his entire life and can easily get lost going back home!).

Basem and Hisham Basem

Sami, on the other hand, is allergic rather than afraid when it comes to animals and is very good with directions. We met him during those long Riyadh years, and he immediately merged into the family. At some point, he spent more time at our house than at his own home, and we all became so accustomed to Sami that being there all the time; at school, for lunch, for dabkeh, during dinner, when going out… He was the one who introduced me to The Lord of the Rings, rekindled the love of basketball in the boys, and offered philosophical advice such as “Life is a tissue”.

Being in Jordan while Sami is halfway across the globe in Maryland has been one of the hardest things that came along with moving. The last time he visited us in Jordan last January, and we all miss him a lot(cannot say the same for Basem, who’s been sleeping on the couch for the past several months :P You really need to come soon!).


Basem, Sami, we all love you! Happy birthday!