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I have become comfortably numb

One of the very best things in the world is great music in a good setting- add to that a female Jordanian drummer and a couple of Pink Floyd songs and you get a winner.

(You know, one of those head-banging “Ahh, I’m in heaven” sort of winner.)

Today, we tuned into another one the Funk-On-Tour Battle of the Bands competitions featuring Secret Chords versus Echoes at Champions. It was a drastic change from last week’s episode, as thankfully, it was lacking the rather freaky crowd, the too-loud music, and the annoying set up. Champions indeed makes an excellent choice for such a competition.

Battle of the Bands

Anyhow, I am deeply impressed at the level of beautiful music that Echoes was able to bring to us tonight. They played some of my very favorite all time singles such Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb”, as well as several Red Hot Chili Peppers singles(I love the Peppers). Apparently, two of the members are also a part of Rum. The lead singer, Abu Taleb, has an excellent voice, he actually pulls off the Pink Floyd sound wonderfully.

Another member of the band, Natasha, also struts a lot of talent as she not only sings, but is also plays both the drums and the flute. I just love it when I see young Jordanian women participating in local rock scenes, and playing drums too! (Go Natasha!)

Battle of the Bands

The other band that played was Secret Chords who actually started the show with some wonderful rock numbers like “Don’t Speak”, “Long Train Running”, and “Don’t Look Back at me in Anger”. Again, I found myself really pleased at the healthy ratio of males to females in the band, especially as the drummer in this band is also a girl. Repeating, cheers to girls who take up “unlikely” instruments such as drums and guitars!

There is another competition tomorrow at Champions featuring Echoes versus Jadal, and I will most probably go. I’m not sure if Jadal are any good, but Echoes are certainly worth it.

bay 3936 Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


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