In Dubai:

“Farewell to schwarma, if the bumbling bureaucrats have their way. First they forced tiny kebab shops to put their grills inside, removing a traditional and temptingly-aromaed sight from the street.

Unsurprise-surprise: it’s making the restaurants too hot for people to sit in.

Exactly what implications does this have for outdoor events like the Global Village? Will they ban schwarmas there, and everything else cooked outside, such as saj bread? The reason for moving the grills inside was “pollution”. Given we breathe in gallons of thick sand smog, industrial fumes and traffic exhaust daily, does anyone care about a few more flecks of dust on their schwarma?”

[Via Secret Dubai Diary]

Whatttt? What the hell! Aside from the fact that I love Shawerma, I’d hate to see beautifully Arabian stalls replaced by fastfood chains such as Burger King! If we can’t maintain a deeper cultural identity in this globalized age, can we at least hang on to our culinary culture?