Lina and Whitey The mess beyond
Lina with Whitey

Lina and I got together today to help her make some sort of publicity cards for Jordan Planet to pass out during her her trip to Ireland this week. As always, meeting up with Lina was an absolute pleasure– I love how enthusiastic she is and I love her positive attitude. It’s just so refreshing!

I think the cards we came up with are cute, especially since we were very short on time and had to come up with the design in around 10 minutes! (Haha, gone are the days where I’d spend weeks pondering the alignment of a logo assignment for a design class.) After several hours of fighting with the printer, looking for gluesticks, and cussing at cutters, I went ahead and spent a good deal of time arguing with someone about whether the card is functional (“where is the “http://” part?”) and whether BFA designers suck or not(“BArch designers are better!”). N2aar o n2eer ya 7ajjeh…

working bay 3821

The card is actually straight, but my picture-taking skills aren’t. The border thing is a tatreez pattern, used for Jordanian embroidered dresses.