One of my least favorite personal traits is my infamous “honesty package”- the heartrending, instinctive, “off the top of my mind” honesty, inclusive of the inability to understand how people can be so insincere.

It didn’t work too well before, but it doesn’t work at all in a society like Amman’s; and for those who don’t know, it’s a society full of social bluffers and people who grew up with “mojamaleh” as the way to go(Ya3ni people are taught that mojamaleh is good! They think I’m “7afartaleyeh” because I don’t know how to ajamel)!

It might seem funny to you, but my out-and-out inability to hide the way I feel and to actually believe what people say is just tragic. Quite gullible I suppose, but eish a3melkom, I’m an honest person ya 3ami, and I expect the people I’m dealing with to say what they feel too, without dressing their feelings up in pink pom-poms and lacey ribbons.

But seriously, when I say I don’t like you, I really don’t, and every little offense that seems too honest for you to believe is actually true. And when I say I like you, I really do, and every little compliment as cheesy as it may sound is also true. Sure, that’s quite 7afartali in Ammanish standards (and maybe a little feeble too), but hey…