• The Jordanian population is getting older, with the percentage of those under 15 years of age dropping from 52% in 1979 to 37% last year.
  • 39% of the population(5.35 million people) live in the capital, while 33% live in Irbid and Zarqa.
  • Unemployment among Jordanians stands at 12.5 per cent, with 11.8 among males and 16.5 among females[update].

More interesting news for the locals:

-Say good bye to Al-Abdali bus terminal(ye, I know! The Abdali terminal is like, what can I say, Ammanish history!) and say hello to a new service terminal set up near the Queen Alia Hospital. Work on the new terminal is expected to start later this month and be finished by the end of 2005. The Abdali terminal will be turned into a park. [Link(haha, notice the use of the word “dunum”)]

Source: Jordan Information Center