@ Dead Sea, Jordan

My friends and I have been planning a trip “down” to the Dead Sea since April, and today, we finally managed to carry out our plans and head down to the lowest point on earth to tan, swim, and relax at the stunning Moevenpick Dead Sea Resort.

The Dead Sea is one of my very favorite places in the world. It’s so peaceful and tranquil that even a “m7ar2asa” person such as myself can give in and become completely immersed in the beautiful surroundings. The nature of the Jordan Valley region is also different from that of Amman, reminding me a lot of the flora of the Riyadh that I grew up in, and the Dead Sea makes for the most wonderous sunsets you’ll ever see(totally worth it). To make the whole package even more appealing, the resort we stayed at is exquisitely Arabian when it comes to design and the pool and spa facilities are absolutely wonderful.

Our initial plans were to stay at the Jordan Valley Marriott Hotel, who we had contacted the day before about the rates and availability of day-pass vouchers. As they told us that we were more than welcome any time we please, we were really surprised this morning when we found out that the hotel management decided to withdraw the day-pass vouchers from the gate! We contacted the reception and tried to understand this sudden change especially as we were already in the Dead Sea and their only answer was, “Sorry, it’s getting crowded.” How rude is that! Luckily, the Moevenpick Dead Sea Resort were very understanding when we told them about our situation and they provided us with excellent service and a great evening in their fantastic resort.

Check out pictures of the Moevenpick that I’ve taken earlier this year here.