I had the pleasure of attending my very first Rum concert today, which was held at Al-Hussein Park as a part of the Jerash Festival program. This concert in particular was an extremely interesting experience as it was a joint performance by Rum Tareq il Nasser Group from Jordan and Shibly Band from Germany.

Both bands have a distinctive Middle Eastern flair along with some hints of jazz, making their instrumental pieces greatly enjoyable for me(I absolutely love Arabic instruments like the oud, the nai, and the daf). The yodel-like songs with Sahar Khalifeh’s vocals were also wonderful, as were the ones performed with the CMS school choir.

In Tareq’s own words Rum is “an attempt to introduce, through modern and traditional tools and instruments; the thoughts, ideas and dreams of a youth whose spirit bathes eternally in a rich civilization and great culture”. You can listen to some of Rums music on their website here. I’d recommend Tamarud(mp3), which is my favorite in the list, and I’d also recommend Leil(mp3) and Rammieh(mp3).

I really hope that the wonderfully talented Jordanian bands like Rum, Sign of Thyme, and Nawazen receive the appreciation that they deserve. I strongly encourage everyone to not miss out on attending such concerts as that not only shows support to young Jordanian talents, but they also helps in spreading our musical culture.

Rum and Shibli Band Concert Rum and Shibli Band Concert Rum and Shibli Band Concert Rum and Shibli Band Concert

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