I just got back from the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to- Boney M live in Amman!

Ahhhh, I doubt words and pictures can do the concert justice. The concert was held in the Citadel(which dates back to Roman times) atop Jabal il-Qala. It was beautifully organized, the design was amazing, the crowd was “happy”, and best of all, 70’s music is the best party music ever!

For the first couple of hours, DJ Cool got the party seriously started with the most amazing disco hits like “It’s Raining Men”, “Greased Lightning”, and “YMCA”. Later on, Boney M with their superstar Bobby Farrel highlighted the party with some great music like “By the Rivers of Babylon” and “Rasputin”.

Bobby also managed to entertain us by bundling whatever Arabic he knows- “Marhaba”, “Habeebi”, “Allahu Akbar”(?). He also gave us a lot of advice, both political and otherwise:

  • “We Latinos are together, I got your back you got mine. Peace in the Middle East! Peace in the Middle East!”
  • “King Hussein died, it’ll be ok Jordan, it’ll be ok, you don’t worry, it’ll be ok!”(notice picture where he’s wearing Jordanian tobe and headdress)
  • “Look at me, me 55, I don’t have no belly!”

Unmissable! Tra la la la la!