In the heat of the summer, every few days there is a new hunt for a nice place to sit with something good to drink. Naturally, Amman is full of those places, but with the new “I’m-sorry-Ma’am-you-have- to-be-over-35-to-reserve” rule it’s not working too well for us.

Anyhow, our latest garden-setting cafe findings haven’t really been the most appealing experiences.

Last weeks visit to Bel Mondo, a huge cafe on Mekkah Street, wasn’t very rewarding. Although the place is well designed, the setting is sort of weird(a cafe on Mekkah Street? Are they psycho?), their food and drink are not above average, and the service could be better. Uncharacteristically for Amman though, the seating is really comfortable, as is the social environment if you’re over 40 or under 17 (But As Sarah says, any place with “Nuts” on the menu has a lot of “7afar-taleh” potential(think Al-Sultan, Cafe Donner, and Mirador)).

The other experience was with an “open only for the summer” garden-setting cafe called Eden. I’ve actually given it two tries, once with my mother and once with my friends, and both times, we ended up at nearby Salute. The place has that anciently Levantine look, sort of like Al-Bayt il-Lobnani in Jerash and the restaurants of Zabadani in Syria. You know, that whole deal with fake sponge-rock fountains, trees serving as columns, and really weird seating layouts(my mom actually says that it used to be a Lebanese restaurant called Abu Ahmad).

Anyhow, I honestly don’t mind the anciently Levantine look as long as they serve Kabab and Kubeh nayeh. Yet as soon as it’s about this week’s American Chart Show booming loudly and hoards of random 20-somethings getting tipsy in the most peculiar setting, it becomes too creepy for me.

Any suggestions for an interesting evening out?