Left to right, standing row: Jad, Mohammad, Nader, Isam, Iyas, Ethan, Haitham, and Ahmad
Left to right, sitting row: Hind, Roba, Ammar

(Yes, that is the most random title in the whole wide world, but well, I’m watching a movie about airplanes, so it’s random with an explaination.)

Today, dearests, was the the 5th Jordan Planet blogger meet-up. I’m sorta losing count, the arithmetic side of my brain only handles the first three numerals then “safers” back to 0.

Numbers or not, the meet-up was great and a good amount of people showed up, some of them first timers like Haitham Sabbah, Mr. and Mrs. Jameed, Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices, Egyptian blogger Mohammad Sameer, and Raida Il-Zo3bi(hello Raida). Naturally, the permanent meet-up members Isam Bayazidi, Nader Shnoudi, Ammar Ibrahim and myself also had to make a showing, and we had the pleasure of seeing Ahmad Humeid, Hind Sabanekh and Jad Madi again.

We talked about a lot of stuff, like the Global Voices project, an interest in launching blogging in remote areas of Jordan, and of course, computers, technology, and the internet.

Through the meet-up, Haitham and Iyas surprised me with a birthday tart for my upcoming birthday. That was really sweet of you guys :) I totally loved it!

First picture is of Haitham and Ethan, and yes, there really is a tree in the middle of the table. At first I thought it was cute, but now that my neck is all cranked up from trying to get a better view of Ethan and Haitham, it’s sooo not a good idea anymore! Second picture is of Jad and Mohammad.

First picture, Mr. and Mrs. Jameed and Haitham, I’m not sure what Iyas was doing, he was “passionately” telling Ammar something though… Second picture, Ethan, Ahmad, and Mohammad Sameer.

First picture, Mohammad showing us some glitch in some ATM machine. Second picture, me with my surprise birthday tart. Thanks again guys :)

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Haitham Sabbah
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Ahmad Humeid
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“Jeishana jeish il wa6an sameina bi esm allah, ye7mi il 3alam wil wa6an we3 yoon Abdalla!” Did you know ino that song is really popular after hours?

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PS. I’m not very happy with how colorless the group picture is… Why isn’t anyone wearing red..?