Yes, it’s 1:00 AM, but the only thing I can hear anyway is toj toj, bang bang, and beep beep. That is, to those who aren’t aware of Jordan’s three rules of celebration- gunshots, fireworks, and a whole lot of very happy honking.

I am very much against the gunshots, but I’m all for celebrating in the Jordanian style, especially for Tawjihi, regardless if you think its nawari or not. Congratulations to all those who passed and did well, mabrook!

(And I will use this opportunity to diss the stupid system that is tawjihi. HOW CAN YOU PLACE THE LIFE OF A CHILD ON THE OUTCOME OF 2 MONTHS? Really, how can you? How can you place all that pressure on those kids? And how can you flunk half of them? It’s just mean.)

Special, special congrats to Abeer and Rasha!!! You go girls!