I came upon some really hilarious Ammanish material on the Jordanian blogosphere today and here are some of the stuff that just made my day, especially as today was particularly depressing with alerts and false alerts.

This years excessive use of fireworks is the talk of town- someone has mentioned it in almost every single conversation I’ve had this month, even if just in passing- “Batalo ta’7-ta’7a saro fagagee3, lazem yotrosho il nas”. So when I saw this cartoon by Sha3teeli, I just cracked up!

Then there were the awesome digi-shots that Jameed posted.

As Laith said, apparently, there’s a 25th hour that can only be found in Amman. I am, naturally, totally loving the idea. A TWENTY FIFTH hour that can ONLY be found in Amman! How can anyone not love Amman? The city of 25 hours(and hey, is that Bart Simpson?)…

You’re also gonna have to go check out Jameed’s blog to appreciate one of my very favorite signs in Amman- “New Yourk Nigt Club”. It’s on the way home from well, practically anywhere, so it’s been and endless source of laughter throughout the years.

I’m also totally loving the last picture- who in the world would write a book titled “Be Warned- The False Messiah Takes Over the World from the Bermuda Triangle”?
That’s a man I’d love to meet…