Summer in Amman means weddings, weddings, and yet more weddings. This weekend for example, we were invited to two weddings- A DAY. That’s 4 weddings in one weekend alone and many more to come.

Hectic, hectic, especially in the closet compartment. I’m already out of stuff to wear and all the shopping sprees proved very disastrous as (hint, hint fashion designers) this season’s trend makes me look like a watermelon. To make matters worse, most of these weddings involve family friends from the Riyadh days, and the people of Riyadh are so fashion conscious, something that I gladly let slip as soon as we moved to Jordan.

Yet, the fashion conscious still haunt me, for as soon as I walk into the hall full of fashionistic Riyadhite females wearing the same fashionable skirt, I am attacked with stares of horror as I am wearing something that these same females were all wearing two years ago. Me, I just smile at their stares and dance to “Different is good, comfort is good, and wearing something you actually like is even better”.

(And to think, not very long ago, I was among the fashionistic Riyadhites! When we first moved here, a close friend laughed at me because I didn’t own a single pair of jeans. Ha, he who laughs first laughs last- I haven’t bought anything but jeans in the past couple of years, and consider yourself a lucky person if you see me in anything else!)

Now, jumping back to weddings, perhaps a little far from the topic of fashionistic Riyadhites(but not too far as these families were/are also residents of Riyadh), tonight, we went to the very first 3assi family wedding. Or ok, naturally, it wasn’t the very first in the history of the 3assis, but the very first as far I’m concerned. I guess I can say that there was a gap of 3assi kids born at a certain time and we had no weddings for a little over a decade.

Anyhow, as 3assis have a reputation for being a fun loving family, and as I haven’t seen some of the people present in years, it was a whole lot of fun. In fact, it was enough fun to trigger a post about Levantine weddings, but I’ll leave that till later and do with little pictures I took with my mom’s camera phone.

Camera phone, yes, yes, because, you know, my stupid little fashionista purse from the Riyadh days doesn’t even fit my wallet! Ah, the pleasures of being a Ammanite.