While reading an interesting article on Quentin Tarantino’s scene-stealing style, I remembered a synchronicity theory that my cousin told me about last week that synchronises between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and MGM’s Wizard of Oz. Synchronicity is matching a movie to a completely unrelated album. And heck, my mind goes ga ga for both Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz separately, so when you put them together…

The theory is only a preposition as apparently no Pink Floyd member has dubbed “The Dark Side of the Rainbow”(as the theory is called) true or false. Regardless, it is still one of the most fascinating things I’ve read about.

For example, Heartbeat is heard at the end of the album is Dorothy listens at the Tin Man’s chest. During the ‘Time’ guitar solo, the fortune teller’s sign is shown with the words “Past Present and Future”. The lyric ‘Balanced on the biggest wave’ coincides with Dorothy’s balancing act on the fence. Side 1 of the album is exactly as long as the black & white portion of the film! The most amazing example I read about though is how “Money” starts when Oz appears in color in all its expensive and modern glamour.

You can read about more about how to set this experiment up and the rest of the weird “coincidences” here.

So what do you think? Coincidence or tribute?