Yes, it does, and literally too, at least in the product world. Valued at $67.5bn, Coca-Cola is still the world’s top brand for the 4th year in a row.

The biggest non-US company was Finnish mobile phone group Nokia at number six(and me, I’m a loyal Nokia-ee). Only five UK names made it into the top 100, with banking group HSBC ranked the highest at 29. The other UK firms to make a showing were Reuters at 74, BP at 75, vodka label Smirnoff at 88, and Shell at 90.

Evidence of Asia’s increasing power as a carmaker saw Japan’s Toyota increase its brand value by 10% to $24.8bn.

Several new companies managed to push into the top 100, including UPS, Google, Novartis, Zara(yay), Hyundai, Bulgari and LG.


Source: BBC News