I totally love anything a round delicate pattern, especially since it reminds of a patterning technique a friend of mine taught me a long time ago and that now covers the surface of every single thing I own. Usually though, I find it hard to find a ready-made object with a similar pattern that is neither fala7la7(unsightly) nor m3aja2(over-decorated).

So when I saw this table, called romance 01 from ona, I completely fell in love with it- the pattern is very delicate yet modern, the colors are very pure yet gusty, and the shape is very conventional yet innovative. I especially love how the laser-perforated technique was equipped to add color and mystery and yet save the table from being “too pink”.

Another ona design that I found really cool is the mild bub table, a multifunctional table that can add both edge and modernity to any room. In my opinion, the designer managed to beautifully solve problems relating to space and place by allowing the table to serve both practical and aesthetic functions. Folded up, this lightweight table can be hung or propped against a wall as art, and standing, it becomes functional.

Pretty, don’t you think?