The Optimus keyboard project has totally blew my mind. I mean, seriously, can you think of anything more practical, creative, and magical than a keyboard with keys that are little LCD screens that are both configurable and application aware? I certainly cannot.

I absolutely love this century, everything is changing, and fast! One minute you can’t think beyond the good-old-let’s-happily-clickety-click-away-keyboard and the next you’re gawking at pictures of an LCD-display-applicant-aware-hot-looking-keyboard.

Apparently, the Optimus keyboard is set to be released in 2006, it will cost “less than a good mobile phone”, and Moscow is the capital of Russia. It will also be OS-independent, can support any language, and an open-source keyboard.

I’m totally digging this project, even as a concept.

The Photoshop keyboard: